If you want to burn calories, then why not have fun while your doing it? The more intensely you train your body, the more energy it needs and the more calories it consumes. And the best type of exercise is an activity you enjoy, because you’ll stay with it over the long haul.

When it’s nice out there is so many different types of sports you can participate in.

Beach Volleyballbeach volleyball

It works your core, legs, butt, shoulders.

Beach volleyball involves a load of power from your core so you can hit hard, pass efficiently, and move quickly. Incorporate sand to all of that and you instantly make your workout much more rigorous, as it’s just simply hard to move in the soft stuff.


It works your core, legs, and butt.

If you can talk relatively easy, then you need to pick up he pace. Changes in elevation and terrain keeps you alert and working out those legs, butt, and your core.


It works your shoulders, arms, back, butt, legs, and core.

Establishing the speed of your court workout high is what’s going to really accelerate your calorie burn. Put simply, casually lofting it back and forth with your partner isn’t going to do much, but an extreme singles or doubles game certainly will.


It works back, shoulders, legs, arms, chest, and core.

If you’re seriously searching for summer sports that don’t make you seem like you’re working out, swimming is the ultimate champion. But don’t be deceived– swimming is a full-body workout, particularly if you decide on more difficult strokes like breast and butterfly.


It works arms, shoulders, back, legs, butt, and core.

Even though you may not have a high calorie burn after going after waves, don’t think you won’t get out of bed feeling all sorts of aching the next day. Surfing is a total-body workout that involves stamina, balance, and eruptive power. And if your abs aren’t readied for a ab-blasting session, forget it– all the power you need to paddle out, rise up, and ride the wave comes from your core.


It works your arms, shoulders, back, and core.

Great way to sight see and get in some exercise. You can set your own paddle pace, and if you manage a fast clip, you’ll certainly feel your back straightening, abs tightening, and arms burning. Remember to pull from your core when paddling so your arms don’t burn out too rapidly (focus on sitting up straight and sucking your belly to your spine).




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