Omega-3 fatty acids might prevent the advancement of developed schizophrenia in individuals that are at high threat of the condition, new study shows.

What’s more, omega-3s seemed to prevent the study individualsĀ from developing psychosis for several years after they stopped taking them, according to the study.

The conclusions suggest a possible therapy for individuals in jeopardy of establishing this infamously difficult-to-treat problem. Presently, people with schizophrenia are treated with antipsychotic drugs, but the medicines do not help everyone, have adverse effects, and generally have to be taken for life, indicating they aren’t appropriate for people who have some signs, however no medical diagnosis of schizophrenia.

List of foods high in omega 3s:flax-seed-398067_1280

  • Flaxseed oil – 1 cup = 218g
  • Fish oil, salmon – 1 cup = 218g
  • Chia seeds – 1 cup = 28g
  • Fish oil, sardine – 1 cup = 218g
  • Nuts, butternuts, dried – 1 cup = 120g
  • Spices, oregano, dried – 1 teaspoon, leaves = 1g
  • Broccoli, chinese, cooked – 1 cup = 88g
  • Mollusks, oyster, eastern, wild, cooked, moist heat – 3oz. = 85g

There are numerous kinds of fish and veggies that have omega 3s in them.




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