The hurdles the world manifests us tend to be progressing daily, requiring greater effort to keep balance. The stress and fatigue that may be created can even affect health. We understand that the world of organic plants is loadeded with compounds that are beneficial to our wellness. But a few incredible herbs can even change our perspective and attitude on life for the better. The Amazonian rainforest herb, Mucuna pruriens, is rich in the neurotransmitter l-Dopa. This highly effective brain chemical delivers a sense of purpose and the assertiveness that is needed today to navigate a complex world and be successful.

1. Sources and Composition

1.1. Sources

Mucuna Pruriens is a plant from India, the Caribbean or Arfica. It is a climbing shrub that has the ability to grow white, lavender, or purple flowers and causes itching upon physical contact with the outer hairs and skin. Like most herbal supplements, it possess an anti-oxidant content.[1]

Mucuna is actually a legume, and thus has a caloric content. Beside the nutraceutical content below, mucuna (velvet) beans contain 20-35% protein by total caloric content.[2] Mucuna also contains protein digestive enzyme inhibitors, which can be reduced with processing.[3] Soaking in bicarbonate (following by autoclaving or cooking) has been shown to reduce a wide variety of anti-nutrients in Velvet beans, but also reduces levodopa content, the active ingredient.[4]


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