An element of stress in our lives is essential to keep us motivated and enthusiastic, however excessive stress can be hazardous to your health. Many people use smoking or too much alcohol to help them cope with their stress, this can raise their risk of heart disease. Being able to deal with stress might make your holidays go smoothly.

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Pulling in the reins on holiday stress

Are your expectations for the holidays realistic? Asking yourself this question is the first step to managing holiday stress. List on a piece of paper what you expect from yourself and your family during the holidays. Hidden within these expectations you might find your potential holiday stressors — the things particular to you that can cause stress.

Under each item in the list, write down what changes you can make to prevent or defuse stress. Adopt changes that will be most helpful to you. Avoid holding on to unrealistic goals, such as creating the most enchanting holiday atmosphere. Remember to include your own needs. Here are some examples:


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