We all struggle with our ups and downs of being healthy, and then getting caught in a spiral of unhealthy events. Think about the holiday season, one social event after another, and as soon as you know it your are a few pounds heavier and a lot lazier than you were the month before.

It’s not a terrible thing to indulge once in a while. That’s what makes life fun and makes us human.

But there comes the time when it feels more fun to have your health back. Doesn’t it also seem easier to spiral out of good health into the lazy zone?

We all need some motivation to get back in the groove of things. Here’s a video we found that is sure to give you that ounce of motivation to get back on that health kick. Whether it be
eating healthy, exercising again, remembering to eat your herbs, or focusing on daily meditation, you know what it is YOU need to do.

The time is now! Do it!

Also, use this great graphic that illustrates exactly what you should do when hunger or cravings come on…

Snack Attack