We all know that fast food is not good for you and can make you fat, but does it also make you stupid? I can’t see anything good coming from eating fast food. The name itself says it all. FAST. Everything in the food is not the best quality, because it is made to be cheap and fast. Studies are now showing that fast food is having an effect in our children.

A steady diet of fast food might hurt your child in the classroom, a new study finds.

Kids who frequently ate fast food in fifth grade lagged behind by eighth grade, said researchers angus burgerwho reviewed questionnaires and test scores of more than 8,500 U.S. students.

“The largest effects were found for the kids who reported daily consumption of fast food,” said study leader Kelly Purtell, assistant professor of human sciences at Ohio State University. “On average they were scoring three or four points lower than the kids who did not report eating fast food at all in the past week.”

The researchers compared academic test scores in reading, math and science for fifth and eighth grade and looked at the students’ responses to food questions on a national survey.

On average, test scores increased 16 to 19 points, depending on the subject, Purtell said.

But kids who ate fast food the most had test-score gains of up to 20 percent less than those who never ate fast food, she found.


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