It’s simple to throw in the towel on your diet or overall healthy eating plan while you’re taking a trip. Whether the excursion is for recreation or business, the continuous flow of activities may make it easier to stop at a fast-food site whenever hunger strikes, or indulge in bad snacks or beverages. However if you keep healthy food options on hand, you may maintain a healthy regimen during your travels without any regrets.

fruitWithout access to your local supermarket or your favorite Pilates DVD, on your next trip you may find yourself subsisting on fattening restaurant meals and abandoning your usual exercise routine to sit for long hours on planes or buses. Vegetarian, organic, low carb, low cal, low fat — no matter which diet you’re on, there’s a good chance that it went down the tubes on your last vacation.

But believe it or not, it is possible to eat well on a cross-country road trip, to stay active without access to a gym and even to go on a cruise without gaining 5 or 10 pounds. You can eat healthy and stay active no matter what kind of trip you’re taking.




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