Black-Cumin-Seeds-Qizha-700x466It was believed that the black cumin plant can cure anything, except death itself, which is inevitable. The black cumin, also known as the Nigella Sativa, possesses remarkable health properties and healing ability.  These characteristics make the plant among the most influential medicinal plants of the human race.

As part of the buttercup family, the black cumin has seeds that are usually thin, crescent-shaped and dark when they are whole. The seeds have been useful for a long period of time to the people of India, Middle East and Mediterranean. As of the world today, the black cumin seed was developed and used as seasoning spice by numerous cuisines globally because of its nutty flavor. They have also decided to use the seed in their dishes since it has to bring several health benefits for the people and it is one of the most cherished medicinal plants in the history.

Each seed comprises about 100 chemical compounds, including those that are not yet discovered until now. The primary active components of the black cumin seeds are phosphorus, zinc, copper, iron, calcium, folic acid, vitamin b3, vitamin b2, vitamin b1, palmitic acid, protein, arachidonic acid, linolenic acid, oleic acid, stearic acid, palmitoleic acid, myristic acid, beta sitosterol, thymoquinone, nigellone and crystalline.

The black cumin seeds have been used in Egypt for a long period of time already. One proof is the examination of the tomb of the Egyptian Tutankhamen where the researchers have found a black cumin oil bottle. This implies that the former Egyptian people believed that they need the black cumin oil in their life after death.

The physician of the Egyptian pharaohs also used the black cumin seed in calming an upset stomach. They use the seed in healing colds, infections, toothaches and headaches. The Queen Nefertiti also announced that her stunning splendor was a product of the used black cumin seed oil since it has the capacities to bring luster and strengthen the nails and hair.

Studies have also shown that some compounds in the black cumin seed helps the individuals in fighting various illnesses through amplifying their bone marrow production, immune cells and natural interferon.

Persons with autoimmune disorders can be also helped by the extract of the black cumin seeds according to the researchers. Thus, the product helps them resist cancer. Current studies have also shown that the black cumin seed extract is effective in fighting over one of the most difficult and deadliest type of cancer, the pancreatic cancer.

Black cumin is an example of the botanical plants that has shown effectiveness. Such extract is also widely used to treat different respiratory diseases like the rheumatism, colds, bronchitis and asthma. The black cumin seeds also elevate the tone of the human body, stimulate the monthly period of girls and add up the milk production of breastfeeding mothers.

The extract of such seeds also helps in calming the nervous scheme, quelling the folic aches, assists in urine production, improves digestion, helps avoid low and high blood pressure and treats pertussis.

The black cumin seed is of great benefit to the people, so people in return must also take care of them and increase their production for a healthier way of living.